Chiropractic and Children

How Chiropractic can help my child?

No matter what stage of development your child is in, Chiropractic can be beneficial for improving health.

Subluxations (nerve interference) can begin during the birth process, bumps and falls as they get older, sports injuries, and poor posture while studying or relaxing. Trauma doesn’t even have to be something major like a car accident, it could be falling from the sofa, falling from the bike or scooter, emotional stress from a friend moving away, fighting with a sibling, chemical stress from eating too much sugar or not getting enough natural sunlight or too much screen time.

When the body is free of interference, your child may see improvements with reaching milestones, colic, sleeping, feeding, irritability, concentration at school, digestion, growing pains and frequent colds and flus - the list goes on!

Although the principle of why we check children’s Nervous Systems is the same as with adults but the process is very different. The techniques used are very gentle, so your mind can rest, I will not be “cracking” your child’s spine.

Chiropractic is not a cure for symptoms but a way to support the body to heal itself as it innately knows how to do.

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