Dr Shondelle

About Dr. Shondelle

Welcome! I am a prenatal, pediatric and neurodiverse supportive Chiropractor based in Dempsey.

I love to provide Chiropractic to the whole family and encourage overall better functioning spines and nervous systems. When subluxations (spinal misalignments) occur, the brain cannot communicate with the rest of the body efficiently. This may lead to symptoms like low energy, poor sleep, headaches, neck, and back pain but can also affect the function of the immune, digestive, and reproductive systems.  Subluxations in children can disrupt their brain development and can lead to neuro-deflective behaviours and challenges with learning, attention, and socialisation.

I believe your nervous system has an amazing ability to heal and repair when it is free of interference. I have seen amazing changes in my patients over the years and I feel privileged to be a trusted Chiropractor to many families in Singapore.

Yours in health,
Dr Shondelle

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